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re: App: Iheartbullz

The application submitted by Iheartbullz is as follows:

Name and Age:
Casey, 23

Auckland GMT

New Zealand

Connection Type (Satelite, ADSL etc...):

Connection Reliability::

Do you use vent or are you willing to download it:
Yes, i use already

Do you have a microphone:

Do you talk on vent:

Are you the original owner of your account:

Character Name:

Character Class:

Character Race:

Link to armoury( in your pve gear):

Current Glyphs and why:
BladeStorm, Overpower and Mortal Strike. Moar DPS although i note they need revising.

Would you respec if needed:
Sure thing

Mining and Blacksmithing

What role do you wish to take in raids (ie tank,dps,healer etc):

What other guilds have you been in:
Nothing worth mentioning, mainly small social guilds with IRL friends.

Reasons for leaving your last guild:
With hopes to join a raiding guild.

Why do you wish to join us:
Being friends with both Ilid and Styrkaar IRL i have heard how much they enjoy being in LLL as they speak highly of you all. I have also done some small raids with you guys in the past and would like to do more.

What raids have you completed up to and including WOTLK:
Ony 10, VoA 10 and 25, Malygos 10, Most of Naxx 10, Some parts of Ulduar, 6/12 ICC, Sarth (3 drakes up)

Which raid has been your favorite so far and why:
Have enjoyed all bosses of ICC the most.

Which raid boss have you found the most difficult so far and why:
Malygos was probably the biggest struggle, not so much on a personal level but to get pugs that know what they are doing :P

Our current raid times are Primarily Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, 7.30pm to 11.30pm Server Time. Are you able to make these times regularly:

How do you prepare for raids:
By stocking up with flasks, buff foods and the knowledge of the fights ahead.

What addons are you currently using and why:
DBM, Skada

Would you be willing to download new addons for raiding:

Do you Learn it, Live it or Love it and why:
All of the above.

Anything else you wish to add:
Cheers for reading and i hope to hear from you in game soon!

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Never
Friday -> Never
Saturday -> 2x a Month
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